Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery


Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgeries have gained traction in the medical world and have advanced, allowing physicians to perform more complicated procedures with less physical trauma and higher precision. The da Vinci® Robotic System is responsible for much of the growth of robotic-assisted surgical procedures and has changed the surgical experience of people around the world. The da Vinci® provides treatment for conditions requiring:

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Gynecologic Surgery
  • Head and Neck Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Urologic Surgery
  • Other general surgeries

Although the da Vinci® can be used for a number of procedures, it is best known for its aid in surgically treating prostate cancer, helping physicians perform minimally invasive surgery on more than 3 million patients worldwide. In our Urology Department at WWMG, we use da Vinci® for assistance treating localized prostate cancer. The da Vinci® enables our board-certified physicians to perform robotic-assisted surgical procedures that remove cancerous prostate and related structures in a minimally invasive manner.

What Is Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery?

The da Vinci® is the most advanced system to date, and it consists of three to four robotic arms, a patient side-cart, and a console. The robotic arms act as the arms of the physician while the physician directs them from the console.

During a surgical procedure, the physician sits at the console and controls the robotic arms of the da Vinci®. One robotic arm contains the high-resolution three-dimensional endoscope, which delivers 3D HD images to the physician to enhance magnification during the surgery. This endoscope also records the procedure, giving the physician highly magnified 3D imaging, and a 2D video of the procedure on a monitor for the rest of the surgical team to view. The endoscope allows physicians to operate with superior vision during the surgery.

The remaining robotic arms hold surgical instruments. While one arm gives the physician and physician assistant a visual guide through the endoscope, the other robotic arms hold surgical instruments, which are directed by the physician to perform the surgery. Highly advanced technology translates the movements of the physician into perfectly precise and smooth robotic movements, eliminating human tremor, and allowing the physician to operate with enhanced precision and control. Physicians at WWMG are board certified, and highly trained in da Vinci® Robotic Surgery.

Benefits Of Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery

Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery has gained popularity for its work in prostatectomy, specifically. A prostatectomy is a famously long procedure, when conducted manually. The da Vinci® Robotic System allows physicians to perform this surgery in less time. In addition, the da Vinci Surgery lessens other challenges such difficulty viewing and accessing hard-to-reach areas of the pelvis. Other benefits of da Vinci include:

Minimally invasive: With the need for nothing more than small incisions, and highly precise robotic movements during surgery, patients are left with less scarring and less physical trauma. Surgeries that would otherwise require long incisions are possible to perform in tight spaces in the body through small openings with the use of da Vinci®.

Greater precision: The da Vinci® system contains advanced technology that translates human hand movements into smaller, more precise movements, directing the tiny surgical instruments within the body. The robotic arms of da Vinci are able to bend and rotate in ways in which the human hand is incapable, accessing hard-to-reach places and executing difficult movements.

When compared to a traditional/manual prostatectomy, da Vinci offers many potential benefits, including the following:

  • Similar positive surgical outcomes
  • Quicker recovery of sexual function
  • Faster recover of urinary continence
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Less trauma (wound infection, blood loss)
  • Shorter hospital stay

The Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery At WWMG

Our urology department is staffed with board-certified urologists that have fellowship training in minimally invasive surgery and robotics. We provide many in-office surgical procedures, including the da Vinci® System. Click the link to learn more about our urology department at WWMG