Is There a Physician in the House?


Is There a Physician in the House?

Do you have a primary care physician or family doctor? Even the healthiest people need a regular doctor who can walk with us through the many medical challenges we may face.

Family doctors build relationships with their patients, and have a rapport and familiarity with their with them. This helps in the process of making discussions regarding new health concerns more comfortable and more personal. Yearly check-ups are important to your health, and returning to the same doctor ensures that he or she knows your personal medical history, and in many cases your family’s medical history, as well.

Healthy patients should still make regular visits to the family doctor for preventive care. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Because family doctors are well-trained in multiple fields of medicine, they can treat most injuries and illnesses. If they are unable to help with a medical issue, they can provide referrals to a suitable specialist.

If you find yourself in need of a specialist, your provider can assist in finding the right one for you. Referrals may also be required by your insurance, so having a regular doctor to discuss your preferences with is ideal.

Be sure to set up an appointment with your chosen family doctor to begin and maintain the path to a healthy lifestyle. A proactive approach to your health is always best.