Top 7 Walk-In Clinic Questions


Top 7 Walk-In Clinic Questions

For almost 25 years, our Walk-In Clinic on Lake Serene  has offered healthcare services to any patients at a moment’s notice. Located in Lynnwood on the corner of Shelby Road and Highway 99, the clinic offers walk-in and call-ahead care, as well as scheduled appointments. We provide the same professional care that you would find at any doctor’s office, while remaining as readily accessible to our community as we possibly can.

Many patients are confused about the actual services that our “walk-in” clinic provides. We’re here to answer the following questions that you’re most likely asking about the capabilities of our services and the type of care offered by our walk-in clinic.

Can you really just walk right into a walk-in clinic?

Yes! Our services are available for walk-ins during all of our regular open hours, from 9am to 8pm every day (including Saturday and Sunday) and 11am to 4pm on major holidays.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide care to our patients whenever they need us most.

Can I come to a walk-in clinic with an injury or illness?

Yes. Our clinic provides injury and illness care on the spot. If you or your loved one is somehow injured, our doors are open for you to get immediate healthcare assistance. If that cough, cold, flu, or other illness needs professional treatment, we would be more than willing to help relieve you of pain or discomfort as best we can and send you on your way to better health.

Do walk-in clinics provide primary and urgent care?

While other walk-in clinics may not have the same policies, here at Lake Serene Clinic, we most certainly do provide primary and urgent care. Our providers are certified Nurse Practitioners and able to be your family’s primary care provider as well as care for any urgent care needs you may have.

Do you provide general and specific physical examinations?

Yes. Not only do we provide general physicals, but we also provide sports physicals and D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) physicals for drivers carrying commercial loads on public roadways. Our clinic also provides general physicals, and you can also bring your child in for our “Well Child” exam.

Can I receive immunizations at a walk-in clinic?

Yes, you can. Our clinic provides a variety of immunizations that any primary provider would be able to administer. Like we said before, we’re a fully capable group of certified ARNPs.

Are you able to provide X-Rays and lab tests?

Yes, our clinic is fully able to take X-rays and do laboratory tests. Our qualified providers and staff are equipped with the education and experience to provide various professional lab tests, if needed.

So, how are you different from a normal family doctor’s office?

In terms of capability, services offered, and provider education, we’re not different from a normal family doctor’s office. Our only difference is accessibility – we’re available for walk-ins. While you’re free to schedule an appointment, call ahead, or fill out our new patient forms before you arrive, we also want to be available to our community and serve the patients that need us at a moment’s notice.

For more information about Lake Serene Clinic, visit our webpage. As a member of the Western Washington Medical Group network of healthcare providers, our clinic has been rated #1 in the Puget Sound area by our patients. We would be honored to provide you immediate day-of care whenever you find yourself in need of any healthcare assistance. We look forward to meeting you!