Insurance & Billing

We are contracted with most insurance plans. Coverage for nutrition counseling (known as Medical Nutrition Therapy or MNT) and diabetes self-management education & support (DSMES) varies with each insurance plan. Some plans cover unlimited nutrition visits as part of preventive care, while others cover a certain number of hours or visits per year and may be limited to specific conditions.

Prior to your first appointment, please contact your insurance carrier and ask the following questions:

  1.  What type of medical nutrition therapy or diabetes education benefits do I have?
  2.  Is my coverage limited to specific diagnoses?
  3.  Do I need a referral from a primary care provider?
  4.  Do I need a prior authorization before my visit?
  5.  How many hours or visits are covered per year?
  6.  Is there a co-payment for appointments?
  7.  Do these appointments apply toward my deductible?
  8.  What are my out-of-pocket expenses?

Frequently used codes include (most frequent in bold):

Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • 97802
  • 97803
  • 97804

Diabetes Self Management Education & Support

  • G0270
  • G0271

Online Management & Services

  • G2061
  • G2062
  • G2063

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

  • 95249
  • 95250

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • 99457
  • 99458

If your insurance does not cover our services. Please call us for payment options at 425-791-3087.