Welcome Steven Grant, D.O. To Everett Family Medicine


Welcome Steven Grant, D.O. To Everett Family Medicine

We’re proud to offer quality, relationship-based healthcare to the whole family at Everett Family Medicine. Our staff focuses on long-term, holistic, and cooperative problem solving to help patients and their families live long, happy, and healthy lives. Dr. Steven Grant, and the other family practitioners at Everett Family Medicine believe in giving our patients tools that will impact their whole world; addressing lifestyle habits and spiritual and mental wellbeing and providing continual healthcare.

What Is Family Medicine?

Family Medicine focuses on the care of patients and their families throughout their lifecycle. Family practitioners provide care and mentorship to families to help them build and maintain healthy habits within the context of the family. The scope of family medicine spans generations, genders, and varying levels of mental and physical health. Because of its multi-generational client base, family medicine attends to a wide scope of healthcare needs; from childhood, through puberty, and into advanced age.

Benefits Of Family Medicine

Having a family practitioner or any other type of primary care physician yields a number of benefits for patients. With healthcare, consistency and longevity are key; Bouncing from one physician to another can lead to redundancy or errors in healthcare, so it’s important to find a primary care physician that you can trust to provide long-term healthcare.

Here are a few benefits of Family Medicine:

Long-Term Care

Family practitioners build long-term relationships with you, so they have a detailed understanding of your health. What might be a harmless symptom for one patient can be indicative of something serious in another. When a physician knows you for a long time, they are tuned into your health. They have a heightened ability to notice when something is wrong, pick up on red flags, and react to changes in your health more quickly and accurately than a physician that is unfamiliar.

Family History

Family history can play a big role in your long-term health. Knowing your unique genetic risks and your medical history can help keep your physician informed and proactive about testing.


Family practitioners can refer you to a specialist when you need one. Although family practitioners can treat a number of advanced medical conditions, occasionally they require the expertise of specialists such as a cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, or OB/GYN. Knowing your medical preferences, your long term goals, and your personality, your family practitioner can refer you to someone who will meet your needs.

Save Money

Family practitioners can often detect changes in your health early and begin prompt treatment. Early detection can reduce your need for emergency room visits, or aggressive and expensive treatments. Research shows that an increased number of primary care physicians can greatly improve the health outcomes of cancer, heart disease, stroke, infant mortality, life expectancy, self-rated health, and other considerations.

Steven Grant, D.O.

At Everett Family Medicine, our family physician, Steven Grant is currently accepting new patients with most insurance companies. Dr. Grant considers it his privilege and responsibility to take the time to get to know his patients. He believes the key to accurate diagnosis is careful listening, artful examination, and comprehensive consideration of the unique aspects of each patient’s life, so he prioritizes this aspect of his work.

In his own words, “Whether I am teaching, counseling, laughing, or crying with a patient, I am humbled by the daily opportunity to impact another person in a meaningful way.”

As someone who lives what he teaches, Dr. Grant is a firm believer in making active lifestyle choices to promote long-term health and is excited to discuss individual goals and passions with his patients. “Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle should be our goal at all times, and reviewing this regularly with my patients is a priority for me.”

At WWMG, we believe that it shouldn’t be difficult to begin seeing a primary care physician or to make an appointment with your current one. To make a healthy choice for you and your family, request an appointment with Dr. Grant or another family practitioner at Everett Family Medicine by filling out our online form.