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WWMG is transitioning to a new online payment system. Appointments on or before 2/16/24 will make payments through one system, and appointments on 2/17/24 or after will make payments through our new system.

If you had more than one appointment at WWMG clinics, you may need to make multiple payments (depending on your date of service).

Payment Instructions:

  1. On your billing statement, find the “date of service,” which is the date that you had an appointment.
  2. To pay your bill:

For a date of service on or before February 16, 2024:

pay your wwmg bill online button for appointments before feb 17 2024

For a date of service on or after February 17, 2024:

pay your wwmg bill through my chart button

Problems paying your bill?

Contact us at

Thank you!

The WWMG Billing Team