Equipment Replacement Schedule

It is very important to keep your equipment and supplies clean to receive the highest benefit of your CPAP therapy. Below is the recommended replacement schedule for the various pieces of CPAP equipment.

Description Typical Replacement Allowed by Insurance
A7046 – Water chamber for humidifier, replacement only 1 per 6 months
A7038 – Disposable filters 2 per 1 month
A7039 – Non-disposable filters 1 per 6 months
A7035 – Headgear 1 per 6 months
A7034 – Nasal (mask/cannula) 1 per 3 months
A7029 – Pillow/Cushions for use on nasal mask 2 per 1 month
A7036 – Chin strap 1 per 6 months
A7027 – Nasal pillow mask 1 per 3 months
A7030 – Full face mask
A0731 – Full face replacement cushion
1 per 3 months
Interface / seal 1 per 1 month
A7037 – Tubing non-heated 1 per 3 months
A4604 – Tubing with heating element 1 per 3 months
New Machine 1 per 5 years

When new supplies or replacements are needed, please call us at 425-225-2767. We can have your supplies shipped directly to your home. Co-pays and replacement frequency of items may vary based upon insurance carrier and coverage provided under your insurance plan. Please check with your own insurance carrier to verify benefits