Voted the Best Allergy Provider in the
Everett Herald Readers’ Choice Awards

Comprehensive allergy testing is available at WWMG’s Allergy clinic. An optimal allergy care plan requires a specific allergy diagnosis as the basis of treatment, and testing is the first step towards a diagnosis.

We offer a simple, two-step method for the testing of 32 inhalant allergens that are specific to the Northwest, including Eastern Washington. The first step is to place a quick skin prick on the upper back while the patient lies face-down for 17 minutes. This step measures the reactivity of certain cells in the body. The idea is to provoke a small allergic response by introducing a minor amount of antigen to the skin. This gives us a preliminary idea of what the patient may be allergic to.

The second step involves placing small injections of the same antigens on the upper arms. The reactions are read after 10 minutes. If patients are allergic to the antigen, they will respond with a wheal-and-flare reaction. Patients will have the option to receive their allergy testing results the same day, along with counseling regarding avoidance measures specific to the individual’s testing results.

We also offer PrePen penicillin allergy testing; the only FDA approved skin test for the diagnosis of penicillin allergy. Many patients who describe themselves as allergic to penicillin can safely receive penicillin and other related antibiotics. Testing can be combined with other inhalant testing or completed alone. If you are unsure of your allergy status to penicillin, we can help you determine if PrePen penicillin allergy testing is the right step for you.

Allergy shots are available:

  • Everett – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
  • Marysville – Wednesdays

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