Health Coaching

Western Washington Medical Group is pleased to offer a new health coaching program that is covered by Medicare.* The program is called RevUp and is designed to extend health care services in-between regular office visits.


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The program includes:

A personalized health coach

  • Health coaching is provided from a dedicated Care Team who follows the care plan created by your healthcare provider.

Home devices that automatically send vitals to your Care Team

  • Devices may include: monitors for blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, weight, and oxygen levels and are selected for you by your healthcare provider.

An optional App that provides additional ways to connect to your Care Team.

  • Ability to ask health questions anytime using a computer, smartphone, or over the phone.
  • Privately track your important health information.

Additionally, your healthcare provider will review regular updates on your on-going care to help you stay connected between office visits.


* Medicare insurance plans may include a small co-insurance payment. If you have a Medi-Gap-type supplemental medical policy, you may NOT be responsible for any payment. Patients who have not met their deductible for the year may be responsible for meeting their yearly deductible first (if they do not have secondary insurance or if their secondary insurance does not cover deductibles).