You may qualify for a clinical research study to determine if an investigational drug can safely and effectively produce better breathing in asthmatics.

Current Studies

For further information on the studies below, please contact us at (425) 225-2760, or apply online using the form below.

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  • Seeking volunteers to evaluate a new treatment


  • Is your asthma difficult to control?



  • Do you have moderate to severe COPD?

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Allergic Asthma

This study is evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational medication in addition to standard asthma medications, to improve control of severe asthma.

  • Study Length: 16 weeks
  • Study Provided: Investigational medication, office visits, eDiary/PEF meter, EpiPen, Albuterol, EKGs, PFTs stipend.

Persistent Asthma

This study is evaluating the safety of standard asthma therapy in adolescent and adult patients with persistent asthma.

  • Study Length: 26 weeks
  • Study Provided: Steroid inhaler with or without a long-acting airway dilator. Albuterol, eDiary/PEF meter, office visits.

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If you are eligible and enroll, you will receive all study-related care at no cost. You will also receive monitoring of your asthma by a research doctor.

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