Therapy Services

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy services are now being offered at Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and Hand clinic located in Everett, Washington. Utilizing specialized skills in assessment and treatment to provide services in rehabilitating patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. A certified hand therapist (CHT) at the clinic will work with the physician and the patient to provide a continuum of care; often starting within days of the injury or surgery right through to the patient’s return to work and/or a productive lifestyle.

These medical services are offered to patients who may have been affected by an accident or trauma leaving them with wounds, scars, burns, injured tendons or nerves, fractures, or even amputation of the finger, hand, or arm. Also patients may receive rehabilitative services from a hand therapist to maintain function in the upper quadrants due to the disabling affects of cumulative trauma disorders – such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. Many patients seeking the care of an upper extremity therapist who suffer from such chronic problems as arthritis or a neurological condition.

For more information about hand therapy services, please call 425-317-9119 or email us.