Surgical Outcomes Data

Outpatient Endoscopy Quality Indicators

These indicators are from our Outpatient Endoscopy Center at Providence Regional Medical Center—Mill Creek. We also perform procedures at Providence Regional Medical Center—Everett, Valley General Hospital—Monroe, Island Hospital—Anacortes, and Whidbey General Hospital—Coupeville, and PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center – Friday Harbor.

Number Performed49565010499548825125
Total Per Physician712715714495640
Rate of Reaching Cecum99.5%99.7%99.9%99.8%99.6%
Average Withdrawal Time10.710.31110.411
Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)
Male (standard 25%)53%57.1%62%60%63.8%
Female (standard 15%)42%43.7%49%46%51%


  • Rate of reaching cecum: Indicates a complete examination of the colon and a higher number is better. National benchmark: 95%
  • Average Withdrawal Time: This is the average time taken to slowly withdraw the scope through the colon while looking for polyps.  A number greater than 6 minutes is felt to signify a more complete examination. National benchmark: over 6 minutes.
  • ADR: Adenomatous polyps are the pre-cancerous polyps, and their removal lowers the risk for colon cancer in that person. A higher number is better, with benchmarks differing for women (15% of exams) and men (25% of exams).
Safety & Patient Satisfaction20152016201720182019
Patient satisfaction – no discomfort
EGD (Upper Endoscopy)94.5969696%95%
Complication Rates (per thousand)


What’s Normal:

  • A higher number of colonoscopies per doctor is better. Our physicians surpass the minimum recommendations of 200 per doctor.
  • We ask every patient to fill out a satisfaction survey after their colonoscopy and EGD.
  • Complication rates are per thousand procedures performed. Our rates are lower than the national benchmark which is 10/1000 for bleeding after removal of a polyp and 1/1000 for perforation, showing that our physicians are very safe.