See what people are saying about Western Washington Medical Group Cardiology in these patient testimonials:

“Everyone from the doctors on down was very helpful and always with a smile; when I’m talking to my friends, I always tell them about the great service and friendliness I get there.” – Anonymous

“Service has always been excellent and very professional from both Dr. Chepuri and the office staff and assistants. I have always got the very strong feeling that Dr. Chepuri is a most caring person and have given his name and praise to several of my friends.”
– D. W.

“Dr. Duong always makes me feel comfortable. He is always on top of my care.” – Anonymous

“In Sept of 2013 Dr. Sanjeev Garhwal did a surgery on me by implanting a pacemaker in my upper left chest. During the pre-operation exam and consultation, Dr. Garhwal fully explained the reasons for it, the way in which a pacemaker would work and then explained how the procedure would be done. Again before the surgery (in hospital) he checked me over and explained what he was going to do. The post-surgery checkup was thorough. He answered my several questions and so I was well pleased. I believe he did a fine job. Also his pacemaker checker cardiovascular technician Camille Lindborg did an excellent job of making sure it was working properly, explaining to me everything she was doing. She is a very knowledgeable person and a great asset to W.W. Cardiology.”  F.B.

“Great doctor! Great staff! Completely satisfied! Couldn’t have been better!! Thank you!!!” – Anonymous

“Dr. Richardson is my cardiologist. First saw him in the cath lab at Providence Hospital – Everett, WA; had a “mild” heart attack and he did a rush angiogram. When I was taken to ER, that resulted in a bypass heart operation two days later. After the operation, I did a follow-up with him and after hearing a lot of great things about him from hospital staff I asked if I could adopt him as my new cardiologist. He said yes and since then I have never regretted a thing. I also found out I have heart failure which recently has improved thanks to him. Can’t say enough about his effect on my heart health.” – Anonymous