3-D Digital Scanning For Custom Orthotics


3-D Digital Scanning For Custom Orthotics

Dr. Boggs and Dr. Boyce are pleased to offer three-dimensional scanning for the manufacturing of custom foot orthotics. At WWMG Podiatry we continue to provide the most advanced podiatric healthcare services, equipped with highly trained podiatric specialists and state-of-the-art technology.

Benefits Of 3D Imaging

Three-dimensional digital scanning is used across the medical field as a tried-and-true method for producing accurate depictions of parts of the human body, removing the need for plaster or foam impressions. By scanning the foot using digital imaging, the podiatrists at WWMG are given a highly accurate, scalable, quick and easy solution for collecting and interpreting a patient’s foot data.

With clear imagery and data, the scanner provides a highly accurate, reliable image. The digital scanner allows physicians to take measurements of a patient’s foot with precision and ease of use.

How Is The Foot Scanned?

The new digital scanner allows for 3-D scanning of a patient’s foot in a non-weight bearing condition. The foot is scanned in a sub talar joint-neutral position. This allows for the foot to be scanned in the exact position we desire in order to produce an orthotic that will exceed our exacting specifications. Digital scans are completely non-invasive and can be taken right in our office.

The digital imaging technology creates a simple, streamlined process for physicians. After a preliminary consultation with the patient and a digital scan of the patient’s foot, the physician will assess the digital scan and place an order for fabrication of one of many custom-made orthotics.

Who Is 3D Scanning For?

Our physicians serve patients with a variety of different podiatric needs. With our three-dimensional scanning technology, we are able to help patients that need orthotics. From patients who simply desire greater comfort on a daily basis, to patients who need orthotics to correct or stabilize their gait or prevent injury.

Custom orthotics are a long-term, customizable solution for patients suffering from problems with the foot and ankle. There are two main types of orthotics. They are as follows:

Accomodative Orthotics

Accommodative orthotics are orthotics that are intended to alleviate force throughout the foot, by providing a force-absorbent, soft layer of cushioning between the foot and the shoe. Accommodative orthotics help distribute force by softening impact; they do not correct the biomechanics. The goal of accommodative orthotics is to provide comfort.

Some examples of accommodative orthotics are:

Diabetic orthotics: To provide relief from diabetes-related pain. This type of orthotic is designed to prevent injury, relieve pain, and absorb everyday shock.

Dress orthotics: Orthotics that are intended for everyday use with arch supports that are specifically designed for dress shoes, casual, and fitted shoes.

As a rule-of-thumb, any orthotics that are designed to improve comfort are considered to be accommodative orthotics.

Functional Orthotics

The goal of functional orthotics is to correct biomechanical abnormalities by providing harder and softer surfaces that direct the foot toward a more structurally aligned gait, regulating motion. Functional Orthotics help stabilize the foot to provide support and help with movement of the foot. They’re also designed to treat injuries like shin splints and tendinitis.

With three-dimensional digital scanning, the physicians at WWMG are able to prescribe and design custom orthotics to serve those that need both accommodative and functional orthotics including highly specialized sport orthotics to prevent injury and help optimize performance.

WWMG Podiatry

We strive to improve the health and well-being of patients by focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions associated with the foot and ankle. Whether you are in the market for new orthotics or have other foot and ankle needs, we offer comprehensive care with advanced surgical and non-surgical capabilities. Our podiatrists are devoted to creating customized treatment plans to best suit your needs.

With three-dimensional imaging, we are able to continue to provide the highest quality of service, designed and streamlined to serve you.