WWMG Cardiology Partners with Pulse Heart Institute


WWMG Cardiology Partners with Pulse Heart Institute

A clinical partnership formalized in November has brought WWMG Cardiology into collaboration with Pulse Heart Institute, one of the largest networks of cardiovascular providers in the Northwest.

“Our principal goal for this collaboration is to utilize fully the resources available through Pulse to develop more programs that optimize care for our patients,” explained WWMG Cardiologist Dr. Michael Duong.

Already in the planning and development stages is a vein clinic program that would offer WWMG patients expanded medical therapies and office-based procedures to treat venous disease. “This program has an ultrasound component, and our technicians will be able to collaborate with Pulse ultrasound technicians on the latest technology, for example.”

Outpatient cardiac care programs and remote patient monitoring are priorities as well. “Our affiliation with Pulse allows us to tap into the resources of a larger network to help more of our patients stay out of the hospital for certain treatments and procedures. As for remote patient monitoring, it is relatively new to cardiology, but there is a lot of data showing that it improves patient outcomes and can help prevent hospitalization.”

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