Public Health Advocacy Drives Covid-19 Vaccination Rates


Public Health Advocacy Drives Covid-19 Vaccination Rates

Whenever the need has been greatest during the Covid-19 pandemic, WWMG has stepped up to support public health in Snohomish County. A dedicated group of providers, staff, and leadership executives have devoted thousands of extra hours to this ongoing effort.

Twice during the 2021 calendar year, WWMG ran centralized mass clinics for Covid-19 vaccinations. Given its size as an independent medical group, those clinics served a disproportionately large share of Snohomish County’s population.

In June, WWMG received a Community Leadership Award in recognition of its partnership with the Snohomish School District to vaccinate staff and, when the vaccine became available for them, older students.

Starting in November, in addition to supporting the community with weekend vaccination clinics, WWMG partnered again with the Snohomish School District. Through this initiative, WWMG vaccinated thousands of children ages 5 to 11, providing boosters to school staff and parents, as well.

“All along, our goal has been to offer as many paths to vaccination as possible,” said Stephanie Abbott, Pharm D, director of WWMG Clinical Research.

In December, the Snohomish Health District selected WWMG as a Health Champion Award winner based on its work and support of public health.