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Drs. Jimenez, Peterson and Blakely

About Our Practice

Rheumatology is the sub-specialty of Internal Medicine that deals with inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, lupus and many other autoimmune diseases.

Drs. Richard Jimenez, Jeff Peterson and Kent Blakely provide care with a holistic approach and have extensive experience with leading-edge technology and the latest in clinical research.

Our first goal is to get you back your life and help you manage your condition.  Listening to what is important to you, the patient, is equally important to us.

Identifying complex medical issues with diagnostic testing, lab test and reviewing previous medical records provides a more complete view of your healthcare picture.

Our second goal is to work with you to provide the best treatment plan to make your life manageable.  By having a clear understanding of your condition you can make decisions with your provider how to start to work towards your personal goals to get back to living life again.

Working with other members of your healthcare team we will provide a roadmap you can take back to your primary care provider to manage your condition.  If necessary we can manage it for you, but our final goal is to give you the tools to manage your life, we are here to guide you and provide the support needed to get you back out there.

The Arthritis Clinic offers a five-chair outpatient infusion center for management of arthritis and other rheumatologic conditions using intravenous medications, as well as on-site lab services and clinical research trials.

We support our patients having access to their health information through the Patient Portal.  Beyond the Patient Portal, we can enable certain mobile apps that meet requisite technical specification and security requirements to provide you access to your health information in a safe and secure way.  Currently no mobile apps have been configured to connect to our system.

Our website,, will be updated if any additional apps become available for you to use to access your health information.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.

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