WWMG’s Infusion Center Saves Patients Time and Money


WWMG’s Infusion Center Saves Patients Time and Money

Nurse attaching IV to man's arm for patient infusion therapy in an outpatient clinic

Intravenous medication is an important part of treatment for a variety of chronic illnesses, including autoimmune, neurological, gastrointestinal, and even dermatological conditions.

Administering these medications requires a patient to make routine visits – sometimes as frequently as every week – to a hospital or infusion center where each treatment can last 1-3 hours or sometimes up to half a day. Getting regular infusions at a hospital can be time-consuming and expensive, so receiving these services at a dedicated clinic can save both time and money for patients.

The infusion center at WWMG’s Rheumatology clinics offer patients the comfort and convenience of a clinic setting with the affordability, high quality treatment, and customer service that our patients expect and deserve.

WWMG Infusion Center Offers Patients Cost Savings

WWMG’s outpatient infusion center is much less expensive than receiving treatment at a hospital. “Our infusion center is typically about one third of the cost of a hospital-based unit. If you have an insurance policy that has a percentage copay, that can be a substantial cost savings,” said Dr. Jeff Peterson, Rheumatologist at Western Washington Medical Group’s infusion center in Bothell.

“We have a dedicated staff person to do prior authorizations on insurance approvals, so we can tell patients what it will cost them out of pocket before they make the decision to come here.”

Patients might be pleasantly surprised by the convenience, time, and money saved by getting infusions at a clinic location. “Hospitals can take half a day to do an infusion that we can do in 30 minutes,” Peterson said. “A lot of our patients come in at lunchtime, or they come in the morning before work or the afternoon after work.” In addition to saving time, both of our infusion center locations offer free parking.

Conditions Treated by Infusion Medications

Infusion therapy is used to treat a variety of health conditions, including:

Hospital vs Clinic Infusion Centers

Western Washington Medical Group has its own dedicated outpatient infusion centers – with locations at our Everett and Bothell Rheumatology clinics – that offer patients an affordable, efficient, and friendly alternative to a hospital environment.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide a high level of care to support our patients’ health.  “We ascribe to all the standard protocols. We make sure that everything is up-to-date, we have the best equipment,” said Dr. Peterson.

WWMG’s infusion center locations are staffed by registered nurses, and we always have a provider onsite. This allows us to answer patients’ questions or address issues that may come up, such as a reaction to medication or an unrelated medical emergency.

In a hospital setting, patients may never see the same nurse or doctor twice when returning for subsequent infusions. Because our providers are the same for each visit, WWMG’s infusion centers can offer patients consistency and continuity of care.

Infusion Center Treatment

During an infusion treatment, the patient is seated in a comfortable chair, a needle is inserted into one of their veins, and an IV is given to administer the appropriate medication for their condition.

Patients can opt for a private room. But many enjoy the shared space – some patients strike up conversations during their appointments that grow into friendships where they schedule subsequent appointments together like gym buddies.

WWMG’s Everett  Rheumatology clinic has two patient infusion chairs, and the Bothell location has five chairs. These small, patient-centered settings guarantee personalized attention from our staff. Patients can request a private space if needed.

At each location, patients have free parking and Wi-Fi, plus snacks in the case of low blood sugar. “It’s a very friendly environment,” Peterson said. We aim to make the infusion experience both comfortable and easy for our patients.

WWMG Infusion Center Locations

If you’re suffering from a chronic disease or autoimmune disorder, infusion therapy may be able to help you. The WWMG outpatient infusion center has two infusion sites, conveniently located inside our Rheumatology clinics:

  • Bothell/ Canyon Park

    1909 214th Street SE, Suite 211, Bothell WA 98021
    Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 8am to 5pm
    To schedule call (425) 248-2626

  • Everett

    4225 Hoyt Ave, Suite C, Everett WA 98203
    Hours: Weds. 8am to 4pm
    To schedule call (425) 252-8375

If you have a referral, contact us to schedule your infusion appointment today. If you need one, call us or ask your prescribing provider for a referral to WWMG’s Rheumatology Infusion Center. We look forward to supporting you in good health.