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WWMG Welcomes New Practice

The Arthritis Clinic opens at our Woodlands Center in Bothell on May 8th. Andrew K. Solomon, MDRichard A.H. Jimenez, MD, and Jeff R. Peterson, MD, will be re-establishing their practice with Western Washington Medical Group after about a decade of working elsewhere in the Puget Sound region. The clinic is a full-service, five-chair outpatient infusion center for the management of arthritis and other conditions, using protein-based intravenous medications. You can learn more about the center here.

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Mark Gunning, MD, talks about treating kidney disease

WWMG Nephrology is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the kidney. Our goal at all times is the preservation of the patient’s kidney function by the early recognition of conditions which will threaten it, and by prompt intervention designed to save kidney function. Such treatment postpones or completely abolishes the future need for dialysis in most cases.




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