Gateway Surgery Center: A More Affordable Alternative for Outpatient Care


Gateway Surgery Center: A More Affordable Alternative for Outpatient Care

Outpatient surgery centers are a convenient, lower-cost alternative to hospitals for surgery. Whether you need orthopedic, spine, total joint replacement, urologic, plastics, podiatric, or ear, nose, and throat surgery, or your child needs a pediatric procedure, consider WWMG’s Gateway Surgery Center.

Our facility offers the most modern surgical equipment available, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and our expert medical team and staff provide superior patient care before, during, and after all surgical procedures.

What is an outpatient surgery center?

Also called “ambulatory surgery centers,” or “ASC,” outpatient surgery centers are healthcare facilities focused on providing same-day surgeries and patient-centric care, for a safe recovery. Once you’ve obtained a referral from your doctor, you’re free to discuss scheduling surgery with our experienced staff for your outpatient procedure. Surgeries at an ASC like Gateway are covered by insurance, just as they would be at a hospital.

The advantages of outpatient surgery centers

At outpatient surgery centers such as WWMG’s Gateway Surgery Center, you’ll enjoy a more specialized type of care because of the one-on-one attention received. ASCs are consistently rated higher in patient satisfaction due to the quality care they provide on a smaller scale and lower complication rate versus that of a typical hospital experience, which by nature is more generalized.

Another advantage is more focused care. At outpatient surgery centers, additional time is spent to prepare you before and after the surgery. This leads to better outcomes and a less stressful surgery scenario for you and your family. Plus, with outpatient surgery, you’ll enjoy the luxury of recovering in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, the scheduling of outpatient or ambulatory surgeries is generally more predictable, because you won’t be at the mercy of delays that can typically happen at hospitals. Generally speaking, the procedures are less complex, there is a slim chance for complications or additional time needed in surgery.

The cost of a procedure at an outpatient surgery center will likely be much lower than that of a hospital, on many occasions less than your deductible maximum. Check with your insurance company to learn about your specific coverage for the surgery you seek.

Types of procedures performed at Gateway Surgery Center

WWMG’s Gateway Surgery Center features two operating rooms with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to best serve our patients’ needs for specific types of surgery. With high standards of quality care, our multi-specialty independent surgery center boasts an experienced medical staff, which includes board-certified doctors, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and support personnel.

Our providers are trained to treat patients in each stage of life, beginning with children and continuing all the way through to senior citizens. The types of surgeries performed at the Gateway Surgery Center include:

  • Podiatric surgeries such as achilles tendon, hammertoe correction, and bunion removal
  • Sports injuries procedures, including knee arthroscopies and ACL tears
  • Pediatric surgeries such as ear tubes and adenoids
  • Hand surgeries to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues
  • Ear, nose, and throat surgeries, including sinus care and repair
  • Plastic surgery both medically necessary and cosmetic
  • Urology services
  • Spine surgeries, including herniated disc care and disc replacement
  • Shoulder injury surgeries, such as rotator cuff and labral tears
  • Surgeries to correct fractures of the hands, arms, and legs
  • Total Joint replacement of hip, knee and shoulder surgeries
  • Injections for chronic pain
  • Placement of pain relieving spine implant

Whatever procedure you may need, rest assured our medical staff will provide exceptional care and customer service, and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Looking for a more convenient, affordable option for outpatient surgery?

In addition to being more affordable than a hospital, ASCs provide more focused care and reliable scheduling. Research shows that patients who receive surgeries at an outpatient facility report higher patient satisfaction, faster recovery, and better outcomes.

Gateway Surgery Center is open for extended hours to serve patients in Snohomish County and surrounding communities. Appointments are available from Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 7:00 pm.

Call (425) 374-5160 to schedule your surgery at Gateway today. To learn more, visit our Gateway Surgery Center page. We look forward to serving you soon.