Why Hearing Loss is Happening at Younger Ages

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Outpatient surgery centers are a convenient, lower-cost alternative to hospitals for surgery. Whether you need orthopedic, spine, total joint replacement, urologic, plastics, podiatric, or ear, nose, and throat surgery, or your child needs a pediatric procedure, consider WWMG’s Gateway Surgery Center. Our facility offers the most modern surgical…

How Audiologists Can Help with Age-Related Hearing Loss

Hearing exam for elderly citizen people. Otolaryngologist doctor checking mature woman's ear using otoscope or auriscope at medical clinic
How Audiologists Can Help with Age-Related Hearing Loss An Audiologist is a medical expert who can evaluate, diagnose, and treat hearing issues. Audiologists are experienced at screening patients for hearing disorders and recommending appropriate treatments to address the cause and severity of symptoms. Age-related hearing loss happens gradually over time.