Infographic: Healthy Foods to Boost Immunity This Cold Season


Infographic: Healthy Foods to Boost Immunity This Cold Season

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There are a lot of great health foods out there that can boost your immunity and help keep you well during this season. Of these, I’ve selected 9 foods and 2 beverages to present to you in this infographic. I’m recommending these to help you boost immunity this cold season. In the article below, you will find more detailed information on a select few of these nutritional foods. Enjoy!


More Information on Select Foods

Out of all these foods, garlic, oregano, and cranberries are some of the best for boosting your immune system. Here’s some additional benefits that these select foods provide:


Garlic has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine as a remedy for cold, cough, and bronchitis. It provides a healthy boost to your immune system, especially when taken raw. A single serving contains 95 percent of your daily vitamin B-6 needs, along with 52 percent of your needed vitamin C, 21 percent of your daily iron, and 18 percent of your daily calcium. Some nutritionists suggest garlic can even provide cardiovascular health benefits and help lower cholesterol!


This herb is in the same family as mint, and is one of the most powerful antibacterial plants. It is, therefore, very useful in fighting coughs or bronchitis. As a mountain herb native to northern Europe, it is often used in Mediterranean style cooking. The name oregano comes from the Greek and literally means “joy of the mountain.”


These water harvested berries are some of the healthiest around. The 13 mg of vitamin C they offer is 22 percent of your daily value with only 2 percent of your daily calories. They also contain fiber, manganese, vitamin E, and vitamin K. The maximum nutrients are absorbed when cranberries are consumed raw, not in juice or sauce form.

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