WWMG Primary Care Clinics are Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine


WWMG Primary Care Clinics are Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine

If you’ve been unable to schedule your Covid-19 vaccine shot(s), the good news is that although the main dedicated vaccine clinic closed on June 30, vaccines are still available!

In this post, we’ll share the benefits of getting a Covid shot, address any concerns regarding side effects with getting a vaccine and provide the most up-to-date statistics about the vaccine. Plus, we’ll direct you to our conveniently located WWMG Primary Care Clinics to schedule your vaccination.


Benefits of Covid-19 Vaccine

According to extensive research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting a full dosage of any of the U.S.-approved Covid-19 vaccines reduces the risk of getting the virus or its potentially severe complications (should the virus be contracted). Furthermore, the same vaccines have been proven effective to protect against some of the newer variants of the virus.

In addition to the physical benefits, being fully vaccinated grants you freedoms enjoyed pre-pandemic, like not being required to wear a mask in certain settings, traveling internationally to many countries that have now opened their borders to vaccinated Americans, and in some cases, returning to work or school.

Above all, being fully vaccinated allows you to see family and friends you haven’t been able to visit with for over a year, with the peace of mind that you’re not endangering them or yourself by connecting in person.


Potential Side Effects of Vaccine

It’s admittedly tough to separate fact from fiction these days when it comes to news about the vaccines, so here we’ll provide the proven common side effects of the vaccine:

  • Pain, redness and swelling in arm where shot was administered
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea

Most of the people who have suffered side effects reported them as mild and noted that they subsided after a few days. A small percentage of recipients experienced redness or tenderness that intensified in the days after the shots, or allergic reactions.

If you do experience normal post-shot side effects in your arm after getting the Covid-19 vaccine, a cool wet washcloth applied to the area of discomfort can help, as well as moving and exercising that arm.

To reduce the overall effects of the vaccine, hydrate yourself before and after your shot with plenty of fluids. Some may also choose to take over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin in the hours following to reduce any associated pain.


Fast Facts

To further illustrate the results of the vaccinations so far, here are a few statistics and details, verified by the CDC, with regard to their distribution and use:

  1. Between December 14, 2020 and June 21, 2021, over 317 million people have received full dosages of the vaccine.
  2. Covid-19 vaccines are in no way experimental, developed using science that’s been around for decades. They also underwent all of the normal stages of clinical trials prior to receiving approval.
  3. The approval process for this emergency use authorization had the most rigorous established and new monitoring systems in place during the development of the vaccines.
  4. None of the Covid-19 vaccines contain the live virus, so you cannot get Covid-19 from receiving vaccine shots nor will you test positive for Covid-19 as a result of getting one.
  5. In addition, Covid-19 vaccines don’t alter your DNA, cause magnetization (as the ingredients are free from metals such as iron, nickel cobalt and manufactured products that could produce an electromagnetic field) or affect menstrual cycles in women.


Schedule Your Vaccine Appointment

If you’d like to get the Covid vaccine at one of our convenient Family Practice Care Centers, please request an appointment on this page and we’ll be in touch shortly to coordinate a time that works for you. For more general inquiries, use our contact form.