June is National Safety Month


June is National Safety Month

Injuries are a leading cause of disability for people of all ages, and the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1 to 44. When people practice safe behaviors, they can help prevent injuries – and even death. That’s why we’re celebrating National Safety Month.

Make a difference: This month, spread the word about strategies for staying safe. Encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved.

How can National Safety Month make a difference?

We can all use this month to raise awareness about important safety issues like:

  • Slips and falls
  • Workplace and employee safety
  • Emergency preparedness

Together, we can share information about key steps people can take to protect  themselves and their families.

How can I help spread the word?

We’ve made it easier for you to make a difference. This toolkit is full of ideas to help you  take action today. For example:

  • Add information about safety to your newsletter.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Host a community event where families can learn about the many ways to stay  safe.

Sponsor: The National Safety Council (http://www.nsc.org/pages/home.aspx)