Sandals Making Your Feet Hurt?


Sandals Making Your Feet Hurt?

Now that it’s summer, many people are wearing flip-flops and sandals to beat the heat. While these may keep your feet cooler, they’re not the best shoes for your feet. The less support a shoe or sandal has, the more likely that you’ll develop foot problems. It’s common to develop pain through the heel or arch when you wear less supportive footwear. Drs. Boggs at WWMG Podiatry sees patients every day who have developed foot pain, and there are solutions for you.

If sandals are making your feet hurt, than why continue living in pain? Our podiatry department can get you up and running in no time. You might consider a custom orthotic, which can be a valuable tool not only to help reduce or eliminate foot pain, but to allow you to continue to work productively.

Last year, Dr. Boggs added a new digital scanner to the gait lab at Podiatry’s Everett office. This is a three- dimensional scanner used for the manufacturing of the highest-quality custom foot orthotics.

This state-of-the-art medical technology allows for the 3-D scanning of the patient’s foot in a non-weight-bearing, subtalar joint-neutral position. The foot can then be scanned in the precise functional position we desire in order to produce an orthotic that is tailor-made to our exacting specifications. From a digital scan of the foot, they fabricate a patient’s specific orthotic, whether it will be a dress shoe, everyday orthotic, or a sport orthotic used to prevent injury and help optimize performance. This in turn can reduce the effects of specific foot conditions and minimize generalized foot pain.

Custom orthotics are designed to reduce or eliminate a particular symptom but should also have the added benefit of reducing generalized foot, ankle and lower extremity pain and fatigue. They are a great solution for someone with arch and heel pain.

When summer ends, your foot pain will continue with you into the fall unless you do something about it. Make an appointment with our podiatry department and find out how they can help you get back into life pain-free.