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Everett Family Medicine Services

Our Mission

At Everett Family Medicine, we offer a number of services to care for individuals of all ages for the whole family. We believe that there is more to health than just what happens in a doctor’s office; and that what’s most important is adopting healthy habits and imparting positivity to the people around you. By attending to family dynamics, social, mental, and physical health, we are agents of change for individual lives, across generations, and through entire communities.

We have two locations to better serve our patients. We’re eager to serve families in both North Everett and Silver Lake.

Our Services

At Everett Family Medicine, we provide care for the whole family by offering the following services. 

Adult Medicine: We offer healthcare to adults. Our care spans from helping patients maintain healthy habits to treating their complex illnesses.

Allergy and Asthma: Even if you’ve never had allergies before, you can develop new ones as you age. We offer airborne allergy testing, food allergy testing, and Penicillin allergy testing.

Child and Adolescent Care: We offer healthcare to children and adolescents. Our physicians are trained to treat illnesses, diagnose and treat abnormal behavior, and help you to understand and care for your child’s individual needs, and to communicate with them to make lasting changes for life.

Depression: Your mind and body are interconnected and dependent on one another; therefore, depression can have a dramatic effect on an individual’s quality of life. We help patients determine and implement their preferred method of care.

Dermatology: Skincare is important as we age, and especially for those with skin conditions, receiving diagnosis and treatment can greatly affect your quality of life.

Diabetes: Our team partners with our clients to enhance the skills necessary for diabetes management and self-care. We also offer support, resources, and diabetic education to help sustain healthy habits for those living with diabetes.

Heart Disease/EKG: We diagnose and treat heart disease, and deliver EKG testing to monitor your heart rhythm, identify abnormalities, and measure blood flow to your heart.

Hypertension (high blood pressure): High blood pressure increases your risk of serious heart conditions and heart disease. With hypertension, lifestyle changes are typically the first line of defense and treatment.

Immunizations: Immunizations are used to help the body build immunity toward infectious diseases. We help families prepare for travel, school, and life by safely administering immunizations.

Laceration Repair: We repair minor tears in your skin.

Minor Surgery: Minor, low-risk surgeries can be safely performed in-office. These surgeries typically require little to no local anesthesia and can be completed in a relatively short time.

Mole Removal: For moles needing to be removed for health reasons, we are equipped to evaluate and provide certain mole removal at EFM.

Pediatric and Newborn Care: Bringing a new baby into the world can be exciting… and a little scary; we are here to help support you through the early stages of your child’s life by offering education, immunization, treatment, and peace of mind for you and your baby.

Physical Exams: Annual physicals are an important part of your wellness routine that should be prioritized, especially as you age. We will update immunizations and prescriptions, screen for cancer, promote positive lifestyle habits, and check your levels to ensure early detection of any changes in health.

Preventive Healthcare and Lifestyle Evaluation: We will educate you to help you establish healthy lifestyle habits to preserve your health and prevent common illnesses. We believe prevention is the best medicine.

School and Sports Exams: Physical exams are a necessary part of getting your child ready for the new school year. At WWMG, our physicians will make sure your child is healthy and ready for the season.

Spirometry: Our spirometry test helps diagnose asthma or COPD. It measures how well you can move air in and out of your lungs.

Vision Testing: We administer eye exams.

Women’s Health Care: We provide a wide spectrum of health services, including diagnosis, treatment, and support for sexual health, menopause, cancers, and other conditions that affect women’s organs.

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With two locations (Everett and Silver Lake) and an extended list of full spectrum services, we are honored to be able to care for your family. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of family medicine, we encourage you to read our previous post.

To request and appointment today at Everett Family Medicine, please fill out this contact form. We look forward to serving you.